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Faith - Most of us think of "faith" in supernatural words, like "Belief in God." In fact, it is called "faith" (see below) than the psychologists of religion. Faith, more natural than the psychological perspective, is simply a comfortable unit to seek meaning, purpose and importance
Since childhood, every human being has an innate sense that "I am not alone" and know what it can be. The child is called to the mother, even when the mother moves away from the scene. Likewise, all people, whether they believe it or not, have a deeper meaning, purpose, and importance in life, relationships, and things that happen to us. We regard this fundamental effort as "trust" and it is a universal part of being human. The atheist also believes in this kind of belief that I think is a useful useful understanding of the word because of universality, we often hear that "faith is a gift," but when we see many people who do not believe in God. If we do, we think that God has not only endowed these people with faith, the answer is that everyone has a gift of faith - that meaning, purpose and meaning Enraptured to drive-but spontaneous some people described as this is the innate gift of more use than others, of so that your faith better than others.

Religion - Religion represents the community of those who share common faith and work together to provide support for both these beliefs to live deeply in those beliefs and responsibilities. Religions are recognized in sacred texts and through religious rituals and ethical practices, facilitating the possible possible connection with the perceptions of a particular community.

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🌷 होली 2018 🌷·
radheshyam Wishing you and your family a very bright,colourful and joyful holi. With love and best wishes

To be continued ..
🌷 साईं बाबा के सुविचार 🌷·
satya-sai-sainath जय साईंनाथ। पलके जबकाते साईं दर्शन, अपने नाम से साईबाबा की मंत्र धुन सुने। पहले ये निचे दी गई ब्लू लाइन को टच करो, बाद में निचे अपना नाम लिखे और आगे जाये, आप का नाम ऊपर दिखाई देगा बाद में निचे से आरती की थाली को अपनी उंगली जहाँ जहाँ गुमाओगे वही पर साईंबाबा की मंत्र धुन सुनाई देंगी।

To be continued ..
🌷 साईंबाबा के अनमोल वचन 🌷·
satya-sai-sainath मुझे हमेशा इस बात का ज्ञान रहता है, कि तुम क्या कर रहे हो. मैं अपने भक्तों का अनिष्ट नहीं होने दूंगा. अगर मेरा भक्त गिरने वाला होता है, तो मैं अपने हाथ बढ़ा कर उसे सहारा देता हूँ. मैं अपने लोगों के बारे में दिन रात सोचता हूँ. मैं बार-बार उनके नाम लेता हूँ.
To be continued ..
Satnam Sakhi
premprakash🕉 ॐ श्री सतनाम साक्षी 🕉 🌷 जिसको बल, विद्या, धन आदि का अभिमान है, वह कभी भी सेवा नही कर सकता ! 🌷 🌻 सतनाम साक्षी 🌻
To be continued ..
महाशिवरात्रि की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें
lord-shivaभोले की महिमा है अपरम्पार करते हैं अपने भक्तों का उद्धार शिव की दया आप पर बनी रहे और आपके जीवन में खुशियां भरी रहें
To be continued ..
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Of course, you should feel free to use the rules you want to discuss about these problems with your friends and family, but these differences can be helpful in discussions with people who think that's why it is so, and therefore "not a gift of faith "or what it actually means when someone says that they are not" spiritual but religious "or any other Kschenjon can worsen when the ill-defined, use of words to understand the forms a little.

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